CCSA’s programs for students, faculty and parents on the important issues around substance use and addiction have been successfully presented in many schools with great acclaim. Now, more than ever, it is important to address the issues of substance use. The impact of COVID-19 has tested everyone’s resilience and coping skills. Stress, anxiety, uncertainty and social isolation are all conditions that put those most vulnerable to substance misuse and addiction at risk. Read about our programs below.


We all know that our children are (or will soon be) facing some very tough choices with regard to alcohol and drugs. Studies show that children are exposed to substances at alarmingly young ages. Feelings of insecurity, curiosity, or wanting to "escape" lead our children to try substances or succumb to peer pressure.
This presentation is presented by people in recovery and is designed to educate our children and help them make good choices by:
  • Teaching our children about the effects of drugs and alcohol and drugs on their brains and bodies
  • Talking about the risk of addiction to substances
  • Discussing the reasons why a child might try drugs and what protective factors protect them
  • Exploring refusal skills and tools that help our children make smart choices
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"The CCSA program at our high school provided a comprehensive approach to engaging our students and parents around the critical issue of substance abuse in the

"We had the pleasure of having the CCSA substance abuse awareness program for the past two years at BPY. This program, which was carefully designed for yeshiva students, is

community. The program was creative and compelling, and sensitively provided crucial information about substance abuse prevention, education and peer pressure refusal skills, in a dynamic, supportive and relatable manner. We look forward to a continued collaboration with CCSA in the years to come!"

Ruth G. Glasser, PhD, Coordinator of Student Guidance

Naaleh High School for Girls, Fair Lawn NJ

incredibly informative and engaging. Students' attention was kept by the presenters who focused on various challenges that the students may face, providing effective tools and strategies to utilize in these situations. I would highly recommend this program and look forward to future programs at BPY."

Dr. Talia Hindin, School Psychologist

Ben Porat Yosef, Paramus NJ

"Communities Confronting Substance Abuse and the Formans are doing such an incredible job of assisting schools in educating staff, students, and parents on the

risks and impact of adolescent substance abuse. Their knowledge and experience, both personal and professional, are what makes their message understandable, relatable and effective. Thank you!"

Lisa Donath, LCSW, Director of Guidance

Tenafly Chabad Academy, Tenafly NJ

"We are so grateful to CCSA for the presentations offered to our student and parent bodies about teen substance abuse and addiction.  The opportunity for students to learn about these topics and ask their questions in an informative, 

non-judgmental space is invaluable.  We greatly appreciate Etiel and Lianne Forman for generously sharing their experiences and perspective with our parent body. Thank you, CCSA, for doing such important work for our community!"

Sara Kalish, LSW

Kohelet Yeshiva, Merion Station PA

"We have been privileged to have Mr. and Mrs. Forman join us as part of our annual Substance Abuse Prevention Program for our Sophomore class for the past few years.

During this program, Mr. and Mrs. Forman addressed our parent and student body in their unique way, blending their personal experiences on the subject with evidence based material and information. They are both relatable, intelligent and well spoken, captivating all audiences with their candor, their struggle, and their will to help and educate our community."

Lisa Fogel, LCSW

SKA High School for Girls

"Extremely well-designed and informative, this program on substance abuse is a 'must do' for all 8th grade classes. Our students were engaged, asked questions without 

hesitation, and gained invaluable information that will remain with them for years to come."

Rabbi Tomer Ronen, Head of School

Yeshivat He'Atid, Teaneck NJ



    Our parent program is centered around communicating with your child about this difficult topic and can be presented in conjunction with a student program or as a stand-alone presentation. We focus on the following::

  • Awareness around drug trends and the substances our children are exposed to including nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, opioids and prescription medications

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of substance use and misuse

  • Understanding the different reasons our children might use substances

  • Critical tools for broaching the topic of substances with your child


Our faculty training program can be presented during professional development days or as part of orientation prior to the commencement of the school year. The presentation is given by trained prevention experts and focuses on:

  • Understanding drug trends and the substances our children are exposed to including nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, opioids and prescription medications

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of substance use and misuse

  • How to help a student who many be struggling

  • Context as to why this information is critical for faculty

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